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Hence the name.

I am hoping that this can be a platform which anyone can use to gather like-minded people to inspire gatherings in which powerful letters are written. Interesting conversations can be had about who is best to write to, and how it might be best to express what we want to say. It is not just about getting the letters out there, it is also about gathering us together to brainstorm ways to effect lasting change in our community and environments.

I hope that visiting “speakers” will be invited or inspired to come along to these events, to help us and inspire us further, to get our voices regularly heard.

The group can also be a place where letters of recognition, gratitude and appreciation can be written to those who have achieved great things on behalf of the future ancestors of this planet, as thanking them is something that I feel would also assist in the flow of this movement towards a better planet.

What is “Write to the Queen”?

Write to the Queen flyer.jpg

It is first and foremost a “Call to arms”, a way to gather people together by creating a physical space and time in which letter writing (and collaged postcards etc) occurs, so that those who wish to take action through written communication to express their desire for social and environmental improvements in our world, can inspire and support each other to do so.

The name came about during a conversation in October 2018, at Sumac camp, part of the Tarkine rainforest (pictured above) which was scheduled for logging. We discussed who actually “owns” the land. Was it Crown Land? What does that mean? I know many have studied these laws (and I’m about to) but the gist of this page, is the comment that was made at the camp about the Queen apparently being pro-conservation. It occurred to us, as we were pouring over all the possible ways to make longer lasting change, that writing to the Queen might be one of them.

Write to the Queen