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The Transpersonal stream of psychology acknowledges and at times utilises for healing purposes, our access to, or rather, the components of our inherent nature which lie beyond the purely personal realm. 

A Transpersonal Art Therapist will choose from a broad spectrum of resources within their counselling service to provide the client with the conditions which best enable them to reach realms of understanding otherwise hidden from view. 


Realms they may draw from include: 

• The Arts: visual art, meditation, visualisation, music, movement making, poetry, writing, or any other expressive art form 

• Psychology (such as Gestalt, ACT, CBT and so on)

• Less mainstream healing techniques (such as Breathwork and Focussing) 

Fiona has been working within this realm, since 2013, when she set up River of Plenty Healing Centre and offered both consultations and Creative Meditation workshops since.

Her current method of working utilises many resources she has gleaned from her Diploma as well as other sources, including (but not limited to) her training in Dance Therapy and Pranic Healing.


Other studies that contribute to her toolbox include Neuro-training & Kinesiology, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Body Mind centring, Breathwork and her extensive research in to her focus interest on womb-related related female topics.

Transpersonal Art Therapy