Tarkine in Motion 2017 (Bob Brown Foundation) Tasmania

Video by Fiona Haasz, Child: Remy Guzzo, Flute: Satyamo Roberts

My son and I watched "The Lorax" and became so inspired to help save our forests that we jumped on a plane the next day for Tasmania.

We joined the Tarkine in Motion event and with other artists, explored the rainforest.

It was Easter and playing with the Easter eggs became part of the experience.

The marshmallows were used in "The Lorax" to bribe the animals, or even just to distract them, from defending their forest.

The toilet paper reference was merely to explore the fact that many old growth forests end up as some form of paper.

My son and I would love to see our remaining old growth forests remain intact and protected from further logging.

This is our effort towards that end.

The photographic series, "Habitat" is also born of this experience of Tarkine In Motion.