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Sticks & Greens

A Backyard Project, 2016-

In some ways inspired by my experience with weaving baskets, I've found myself exploring sculptural forms via playing with a combination of sticks and wool.

The first foray in to this was in 2014 whilst co-facilitating an Art therapy weekend in Warburton. I guided the group to wrap sticks with wool, which then became staffs we held whilst ceremoniously walking a labyrinth, thereby placing them in the role of tool for ritual.

I then found myself with a backyard full of Pine prunings which the arborist left. Rather than hiring someone to take them away I decided to make art from them. 

As I made piles to create room to walk through the space, I took photos and video. I also began painting the fence white, to transform the space in to an open air gallery. This is a work in progress.

After this began, I used these materials in working on the Art for Refugee project.

The metaphors that have come up for the materials I've been playing with are: life/death, cycles, intimacy, nurture, grief, tenderness, ritual, gratitude, love and the sacred acts we use to mark the end of a life and the beginning of renewal..

A work in gestation... stay tuned for exhibition dates.