My Drinkable River

Can one own a river?

Apparently Melbourne Water own it.

And who owns Melbourne Water?

Can anyone every actually own anything? Ever?

What could be more useful than clean water?

I feel like, after living by it for around six years, I have grown a sense of belonging to the Montmorency stretch of the Plenty river.

Its been a very challenging experience living by that river.

A total life changer.

Home Truths exhibition reflected that - the exhibition in my old home, that I've now departed.

I love water.

There's something magical about it.

Ocean water. River water. Rain water. The water that courses through our bodies.

It's all magic. Special. Life-giving. Life-maintaining.

Bodies of water are especially good to swim in.

How different would our lives here be if we could jump in to the Plenty River for a swim anytime, without fear of being sick afterwards. Every summer, we'd be down there paddling away.

But nobody complains. We just accept it. Its become normal to live by unswimmable rivers in the cities.

Its normal to accept that cow and dog feaces, rubbish, pesticides, oil and other contaminates end up in our rivers.

Shopping trolleys were a common addition to the Darebin creek I noticed when I lived by that particular water course.

Apparently its become part of the agenda to introduce an aim to rejuvenate the Yarra to be swimmable.

So how about we aim to make all Melbourne's rivers swimmable?

And how about we aim to make all Melbourne's rivers drinkable?

And if not? Why not?

Come and have a chat about it with me and each other at my exhibition.

Turns out others have also been thinking along these lines:

And last night I was told that the New Zealand new Prime Minister is declaring she will transform their rivers in to drinkable ones.

If we make it an aim then imagine how we might achieve it, we're half way there.

There's a lot I'd be prepared to give up from the Australian budget, for drinkable rivers.

What would you give up?

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