John Cage

Tying all of Cage’s life work together, including the visual, is the Zen principle of non-attachment (Nekkhamma). Chance operations offered a path of “right intention” for Cage to relinquish control over his compositions, releasing its expressive possibilities into the universe and away from the narrow proprietary authority embedded in Western notions of the Artist handed down from Romanticism (and not coincidentally capitalism as well). Non-attachment underlies Cage’s embrace of silence, the opening up of individual being to the common experience of environmental ambience, a way to get the ego quite literally out of the way. Vince Carducci


"Nothingtoseeness: The Visual Art of John Cage at CCS Center Galleries"


09/30/2013 09:54 am ET | Updated Nov 30, 2013

By Vince Carducci

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