Jim Lambie

One of the artists mentioned in my recent crit session for the installation "Leave(s)" was Jim Lambie. Although our works look completely different and we're doing different things, the artist came up after the question around whether or not I had included too many works in the one or whether I could amplify the work by adding even more layers.

I was struck initially by Lambie's installation piece titled 'Train in Vain' (2008) and the components of which resembled those I had layered in my work - the space, music, and a collection and objects. I know i'm simplifying things but I guess I find it an interesting mix. Lambie used the space by "sampled" the curves of the floor with tape of different colours or black and white in this example. “These curves suggest to me the grooves on a record,” he said. In my work, I referenced music or sound in a completely different way - using piano hammers strung up using the cords from the blinds, but also combining "music" with the space.

His objects: "old chairs cut in half and repainted, then assembled into chaotic piles; ornamental and hand mirrors, wrapped with eyes cut from magazines and arranged into clusters; handbags covered with pieces of broken mirrors and more" are vastly different to my leaves which line the walls in a flowing drawing, yet both are objects from our world, and both assembled in a particular way of its own logic. And all the layers coexist.

"I guess there are a number of things I do that sort of exist in the space between sculpture and painting,” Lambie said. “With the floor, I fill a surface, but I also make a space at the same time. So there’s a kind of point there between those two ideas. The floor exists by filling the space and emptying the space at the same time."


Online article: "The Japan Times", Article: "In the space", BY MARIUS GOMBRICH

JAN 9, 2009


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