I was in the Eltham library the other day, with a few minutes to spare (the gifts of being short of time seems to be a theme so far) and so I quickly scanned the art books to see if there were some that might be worth bringing home.

I saw a book called “Art is everywhere”. I opened it and flicked through. I wasn’t sure if it was an oversimplified kid’s resource, when I felt it had more than that in it, so added it the pile. For some, reason, when I got home it was the first that gained my attention and I quickly realised after arriving at the chapter titled “The Workshop” that this person is making art along very similar lines to me.

I realised that what he calls ‘The Workshop’ is very much aligned with the work I’ve been calling Art Adventure Tours. Like many of us, his art is multifaceted, but this particular branch of his work is so similar to one of my branches, I was compelled to investigate.

Traces: Portraits of a Digital Life 2014 “Thursday” SerraGlia

I found his website ( and skimmed that and his book. I haven’t had time to do a thorough read, so an overall summation isn’t available yet… although I did notice that he creates those wonderful images you showed us Dom, in one of your lectures, of fingerprints on smartphones… gestures of looking eyes.

He has created another website for his workshops ( resplendent with maps and photos from the tours he has taken people on, spanning several countries across around nine years. Below you’ll find what he has written about himself on his website. He also has provided a very useful reference pagewhich surmises where he places himself in the broader art world context and also lists.

SerraGlia is the alias of the Italian architect and visual artist* designer, Lorenzo Servi (born 1979).

Through painting graffiti, SerraGlia first discovered cities and their untapped visual environment. Having finished a master’s in architecture (2008, University of Florence), he focused his interest on the intersection of digital photography and graphic design. In 2010 he founded LUMART, an architectural visualization studio based in Helsinki.

Parallel to his commissioned works, SerraGlia is constantly researching and analysing issues in everyday life and built environments, and using them as the basis for creating self-initiated projects documented through photography, video and publications. His projects sit between the domains of reality and fiction.

SerraGlia aims to shake the viewer’s gaze from its everyday fog: to make people wonder, to ask questions and to inspire them to search for meanings, and to show alternative points of view of our “reality”.

* I am very uncomfortable with calling myself an artist because the term has been abused and causes unnecessary confusion. Moreover, I think it is qualitative and not just a simple title.


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  3. BOOK: Lorenzo Servi. Art is Everywhere. How to really look at things. (2016)

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