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Art Adventure Tours

These tours began at Hatch Gallery in Ivanhoe and we travelled by bike through Heidelberg West/Heights and via Lisa Watson's exhibition at the Cambridge Arcade in the Mall.

It was Lisa who asked me to run the tours as part of her "Banyule: A Different Perspective" show. 

Like with the Pinpoint tours, we began with a checking in with how our morning was in getting there, and noticing our inner self, as well as the sounds and sensations relating to the outer world.

Our journeys through a long alleyway in Ivanhoe were filled with conversation, investigations, drawing, sketching, movement, video and the extra layer of listening to Jess Lovell's soundscapes, also commissioned for Lisa's extravaganza.

We compared the back view of the houses to the front views, appreciated the metaphors, textures and contrasts in the suburbs we ventured through... as well as the 'art' in all its forms - graffiti, tagging, exhibitions (Lisa's, Jess's and the Hatch) as well as the art of Anna Taifernopoulos - which is her community art piece consisting of a fence in her front yard. 

Constructed from found objects, all blue, the fence invited community participation in the making (and we stopped to add bits to the fence - a highlight) and in the material gathering - dwarfs and other blue objects came and went, whilst the stories accumulated. 

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Part of Lisa Watson's "Banyule: A Different Perspective", May 2017