Photocollages 2017

A series of images in pairs, gradually growing over time

This work was born over Easter in 2017 during my participation in Tarkine in Motion, a Bob Brown Foundation Event in which artists make work in the Tarkine Forest with the aim of increasing pressure on the Government to save the precious forest from more logging.

I also made a video work, "Takayna", from the same event.

What resonates for me about these photographic pairs, is a musing on how we have emerged as a species, from the landscapes given to us by this planet's natural abundance of deserts, forests, savannahs, mountains, rivers and oceans... 

To now be spending the majority of our time in cars, houses, office blocks, theatres, bathrooms, trains, planes.. 

I'm curious to explore how the body, the homo sapien body, feels about this.