Distant Energy Healings are particularly valuable at this time as being present in the same room is not necessary.


It can be helpful whether or not you are experiencing: 

• coronavirus or

• cabin-fever, or simply wish to enhance your

• resistance to catching it, or give yourself

• general resilience at this challenging time. It is also useful to

• resolve relationship issues, and can be done specifically on this or

• any topic you choose.

Pranic Healing, the foundation of these sessions, involves moving energy to

• clear congestion and thought forms (and many are not even your own),

• clear cords which may be draining you,

• clear attachments from wayward entities or

• clear programs, vows or agreements which may be limiting your freedom and wellbeing. 

It also:

• energises,

• aligns and

• protects your energy bodies, giving you

• more resilience to illness, stress and challenges in life.

Art Therapy and Dance Therapy as well as other healing resources such as Women's Mysteries, and Focussing are drawn upon in a fluid intuitive way. The process often involves working with

• visual imagery and

• movement, to further enhance and empower your healing journey.


Australian Bush Flower Essences are mixed for you personally and posted to you. These help you to be supported as you continue to heal on a vibrational level after the session.

Outcomes can be beneficial for your mental, emotional and physical health. As we are working in the spiritual realm, benefits also may include contribution to your spiritual growth.