Care More, Car Less 2015
Funded by Banyule Council's Environment Grant
Fiona Haasz: Concept, Lyrics, Editing
Briar Hill PS Grade 6 students: Music, Singing, Dancing, Choreography, Costumes, Editing, Camera

With the help of a Banyule Council Environment Grant, I worked with Grade 6 students and their teacher, to create a music video, on the subject of how we travel to school.

We looked up data about how families use cars, public transport, bicycles and walking to get to school and surveyed our own school. Analysis the results, we found that our school were particularly reliant on cars, given many travel some distance to get here (it being such a special place).

We discussed ways to assist parents to make other choices, for example, assistance with purchasing electric bikes, providing a bike shed, maps of where parents live or ways to enhance car pooling, walking school buses etc.

I wrote the song lyrics with assistance from the children and they created the melody and music, dance and overall scene changes. They split up in to groups to make the video.

Make sure you watch the bloopers after the credits!