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Vol 15 No 1 Autumn 1995

The works photographed and included in this publication, are two of ten interactive sculptures made for Artful Park in Centennial Park in Sydney, 1994.

You and the View: 10 Eye Exercises 

Mixed media

The works were situated in a variety of constructed natural landscapes within the park.

Each work consisted of an object on a pole which invited the viewer to look through, in order to see the landscape through a variety of "lens".

Each pole had a poem attached, which included a number of English idioms. 

The combination created a journey from which the viewer would travel, in a circuit leading them through a series of changing physical landscapes as juxtaposed with a series of changing imaginative internal landscapes.

Inspired by a year long journey I had just returned from, it alludes to how one experiences place through a variety of internal lenses such that both external and internal places play a part in how we experience life.