Fiona began her dance/movement training in ballet as a youngster, then contemporary dance and gymnastics through her teens, followed by some dabbling with flamenco and bellydancing forms.


Contact Improvisation, physical theatre, task-based choreography and cross-modal theatre became her focus when introduced to these modalities whilst studying Dance therapy at Melbourne University when she began choreographing and performing and set up a physical theatre troupe with two others, called Regarding the Fall.

Eventually she fell in love with African dance. She trained in Melbourne then in Ghana in the traditional West African form of dance and percussion, followed by joining a Soukous style Congolese dance troupe in Melbourne, Matata Sound.

She trained at Victorian College of the Arts in Dance Animateuring (Choregraphy with a twist). Her performances involved a cross-fertisilation of all the forms she had absorbed over time and included set and lighting design, sound composition and costuming. 

She has taught African dance to adults and children, including in remote Aboriginal settings in the Northern Territory and Western Australia as well as dance schools in Queensland and Victoria. She also has facilitated several dance videos with children.


Over more recent years movement has appeared often as part of her visual art work, in the form of video as well as live performance. 

Fiona was hired by The Mindful Mum to create videos for their online programs sharing her way of highlighting the energetic healing components she has observed within the art form. 


Her teaching of African Dance incorporates many aspects of her other experience in the movement arts. Her classes are relaxed, fun and creative, offering participants of any level of fitness or experience an opportunity to learn the African dance art form whilst getting fit, energising and having fun. The form is taught is such a way as to highlight, enhance and improvise on the healing qualities of the dance form. 

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