There are four main areas which overlap in the work I do. 

1. A Professional Arts Practice - Making and Exhibiting/Performing

2. Private therapeutic consultations & 1:1 Tutoring

3. Workshops/Teaching - Educational and/or Therapeutic

4. Manufacturing - Crossing over realms of Artwork, Medicine and Product

 I love to collaborate, work on my own projects, as well as lead, initiate and coordinate events. 

I work with:

- Individuals

- Partners and family members, including children

- Friendship groups

- Community groups

- Schools

- Councils

- Workplaces and other organisations

My modalities, expertise, training and experience include:

Basket weaving

Creative meditation

Painting, drawing and other visual art modalities

• African dance, dance improvisation and other dance forms

Pranic Healing (consults and teaching of Level 1)

Transpersonal Art Therapy and Dance therapy

Australian Bush Flower Essences

• Sourdough bread baking (in your home if you like)

• Permaculture  

• Video making (Dance Music Videos and Video Promos)

• Murals (mosaic, paste-ups and paint)

For example, I can work with you to:

• Resolve a personal issue in private consultations 

• Set up your art studio at your house

• Facilitate workshops for your community or organisation

• Supply Thankies in your shop

• Provide a program of self-development

• Gain a Pranic Healing qualification

• ... not sure?... I can help you work out what you might need