Australian Bush Flower Essences form part of a long history of using the energy of flowers as medicine.

The essences are sourced from soaking a flower in water under sunlight in a prescribed way, by naturopath founder Ian White. The vibrational medicine,

• allows your energy body to resonate with that of the flower, in order to facilitate a "like - to - like" vibration, which

• aligns you with particular qualities of the 'personality' of that flower

They are usually prescribed in the form of

• drops which are taken twice a day to

• continue your energetic growth over a period of

• two weeks or until the bottle is finished, or in the form of a

• spray bottle used in the home to

• facilitate healing for anyone in that space

Fiona has been a practitioner of ABFE since 2013 and incorporates the medicine in her Distant Energy Healings.

More information about the essences can be found here.