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The Pinpoint tours were centred around a concept borrowed from Aboriginal culture: Dadirri, a word used to describe a "deep listening" and Songlines.

The image (below left) is how I described the listening process as it makes sense to me: the centre circle represents the relationship with self, the next circle is our relationships with others and the outer ring, our relationship with place.


All three affect each other, the central one affecting the others the most, like a pebble dropping in to water and the ripples follow.

During these tours, we included meditative and listening processes which crossed over in to art processes - in fact they were one and the same.

Artist Lisa Watson joined me on the tour and various artists met the tour at each station to engage the participants in an activity:


1. Lobat Nezami brought us the Simurgh, a mystic bird from Persion mythology and we engaged with the wall space at Heidelberg Station with chalk and collage.

2. I engaged the group in meditative walks and some earth art through Rosanna's parklands and some connecting in with various locations along the way through observation, song and drawing.

3. Bunji Spillard at Macleod Station park, shared her Aboriginal heritage via bark painting with ochre she collected from the area.

4. Lisa Watson shared her love of photography in less celebrated locations, such as our visit to the floodway under the bridge in Greensborough.

5. Cate Laidler invited us to have fun with blind contour portraits at Montmorency's Were St Cafe. 

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