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The tour began at Montmorency Station where we received our sketch books and an array of drawing materials.

On the train we drew passengers, often also drawing their attention, conversations and interest.

In the CBD we journeyed through laneways to stop and observe the art we found, in the form of light boxes, street art, graffiti, life and on the way also met another artist: the photographer who has coined his Facebook page: Humans of Melbourne.

We also visited the Ian Potter gallery, walking around by ourselves with the aim of coming together with a conversation about what we saw.

Our lunch was enjoyed by an Aboriginal "fire" set up in the middle of Fed Square.

We took the time in a variety of locations to do observational drawing including the intersection at Flinders St Station, the laneway, the train station (draw something "ugly") and a fountain.

This was the first tour I had run and it was lots of fun. 

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Art Adventure Tour

in the CBD, Melbourne 2015